Friday, May 8, 2009


At Starbucks, the baristas (as if) usually ask you if you want room for cream. I always say no, since I noticed that if you say yes, they leave a good inch and a half clearance in the cup. That much milk/cream in coffee really changes the nature of the drink for me. Apart from the change in taste, the drastic change in temperature spoils the thing for me. If I wanted a latte, I'd order a latte. But, I actually sometimes see people pouring coffee off the top so they can pour a half cup of milk into the cup.

BTW, Starbucks' lattes use way too much milk. The ratios are all wrong. And they do Italian roasts, which is a bit dark, compared to what I typically like (half city to full city roasts). But they are better than the convenient alternatives. I do wish they offered more variety in roasts, though.

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