Friday, May 15, 2009

Private Security

The heroic Norman Horn interviews private security expert Gil Guillory about security without the state.
Listen to the Podcast.

Friday, May 8, 2009


At Starbucks, the baristas (as if) usually ask you if you want room for cream. I always say no, since I noticed that if you say yes, they leave a good inch and a half clearance in the cup. That much milk/cream in coffee really changes the nature of the drink for me. Apart from the change in taste, the drastic change in temperature spoils the thing for me. If I wanted a latte, I'd order a latte. But, I actually sometimes see people pouring coffee off the top so they can pour a half cup of milk into the cup.

BTW, Starbucks' lattes use way too much milk. The ratios are all wrong. And they do Italian roasts, which is a bit dark, compared to what I typically like (half city to full city roasts). But they are better than the convenient alternatives. I do wish they offered more variety in roasts, though.